Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with a Sticky Bar

Brands that have implemented dynamic sticky bar call-to-actions on their website have seen an average of a 145% increase to their website conversion rates.


Convert Top of Funnel Users

Users browsing your site might be in the awareness or consideration stage of your product. Through a sticky bar, you shift their marketing journey to the next step, which brings customers farther down the funnel and more likely to convert.


Dynamically Promote Services

Have a specific seasonal offer or promotion you want to highlight? Implement a sticky bar on certain webpages to instantly showcase your best deals or promotions. Reach the customer at the right time and right place to promote your services.


Intelligently Customize offers

Have your sticky bar appear only when someone scrolls a certain amount down a page, time length on a page or more. With advanced customization, you can intelligently deliver the sticky bar when customers are most engaged.

Benefits of a Dynamic Call to Action On Your Website

  • Less intrusive than a popup

  • Gets a web viewers attention

  • Can be 100% customizable

  • Takes less than 24-hours to implement

  • Increases website conversion rates

  • Promote seasonal or holiday offers

  • Great for brand visibility or promotions

  • Great for promo codes and upselling

  • Can be used for both B2B and B2C businesses